Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Lend your support for Rizzoli

"On Friday, Rizzoli Bookstore will be forced to close its doors after 29 years in the six-story architectural gem located at 31 West 57th Street."  

“The Save Rizzoli Committee” wrote these words this morning. Such words should never have to ever have been written.  The NYC Government's Landmark Preservation Commission, failed to do its job.  Instead of allowing this beautiful piece of history to be saved; they instead snubbed their collective noses at it.  "But why", you may ask.  It's because they dragged their feet for almost 7 years, while lining their pockets from big developers such as Vornado, and Bloomberg.

But the fight is not over! The Landmarks Preservation Commission is currently evaluating whether the interior of Rizzoli Bookstore warrants interior landmark designation. A process that if successful will sadly one protect the interior of the building and add it to the most prestigious of all landmark status'.  However it would still allow the owners to virtually demolish the beautiful exterior. (You can read about the interior on the Save Rizzoli website.)

We can not continue to stand by and let the developers destroy not only what is left of NYC's beautiful architectural history, but the individuals who work at the buildings that are being put out of a job as well.  The employees of the historic Rizzoli Bookstore will all be among the growing NYC unemployment due to the blatant greed of Vornado and LeFrak.

In unity with those losing their jobs and in recognition of a city losing an important piece of our cultural history, Community Board Five is calling for a rally of support. We would like to encourage everyone to attend.

This rally will be held Friday April 11th at 10:00 A.M. in front of Rizzoli Bookstore

Let us all show the Landmarks Preservation Commission and the press that we the people will not let, and can not let the city to continue to allow the demolition of historic buildings to go unchecked. If you care about NYC history, and care about what goes on in your neighborhood, then we must all band together.  Invite your friends and everyone you know who cares about great architecture, bookstores, and the future of our city. Get the word out on Facebook and Twitter. Let's show the LPC and media how much beautiful bookstores matter!