Thursday, June 21, 2012

Responsible Landmarks Coalition

Below is an excerpt from the Responsible Landmarks Coalition, the organization that wants to change the way our NYC buildings are designated and how the ones that are already Landmarked should be treated.

"New York City’s Landmark Law has enhanced New York City by preserving and protecting its most noteworthy historic buildings and neighborhoods over the last 47 years. However, there are many concerns about the manner in which the Law has been implemented, particularly in recent years as the number of properties under the Landmarks Preservation Commission’s jurisdiction has skyrocketed. Among the most important reforms that are needed are:

Provide An Open & Transparent System
The landmark designation process should be open and transparent, particularly to those property owners who will be most impacted by the decision.

Apply Consistently High Standards
A consistently high standard should be applied in determining whether an individual structure or district merits landmark protection.

Promote Growth & Success Of New York City
Landmark designations and oversight of landmark properties must be reconciled with other policy considerations that are critical to the growth and success of the City.

Administer The Laws In A Sensible Manner
The Landmarks Law should be administered so that the best examples of City’s architectural and historic heritage continue to adapt and meet the needs of the citizens of the 21st Century."

Defending Preservation Distance Learning Presentation

Below is the link to the Power point presentation show at the HDC meeting.  It describes what the bill is and how it effects us.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

HDC Meeting

As promised here are the videos from the HDC meeting last night. The second part maybe out of sync.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Help Save the Landmarks Law!!

We received this in an E-mail today. If effects not only the HP, but all NYC landmarks as well. The Real Estate Board of New York is calling for extreme reforms of the Landmarks Law. If successful they could change the way Landmark are designated!


June 2012

Public Meeting to Defend the Landmarks Law

Tuesday, June 19th
6pm – 7:30pm
General Society of Mechanics and Tradesmen
20 West 44th Street

As you may be aware, the Real Estate Board of New York is heading up a coalition calling for extreme reforms of the Landmarks Law, reforms which HDC believes would cripple the landmark designation process and damage the regulation of existing protected landmarks. HDC believes that preservation nurtures the city, feeds our commerce and enhances our economy. That these reforms are being proposed now, when investment in New York City real estate is on the upswing, makes their concerns about preservation stifling development particularly peculiar. 

HDC is holding an emergency public meeting to discuss community responses to this Vesuvian eruption. We’ll be discussing the concerns raised, the legislation that have been proposed and what community groups and individuals can do.

Please join the HDC for an informative and important meeting. 

Open to all but RSVP requested to