Saturday, September 18, 2010

A letter to Mr. Roth and Mr. Greenbaum

I opened up my mailbox today and found this wonderful letter from Mr. Marco Zanaletti, who just happens to live in Italy.  the letter is listed below and reads:

Da: Marco <>
Data: 18 settembre 2010 16.26.07 GMT+02.00
Oggetto: Pennsylvania Hotel

Dear Sirs, 

From what it was once a beautiful and unique Country - Italy - I am begging you not to demolish the Pennsylvania Hotel. An awfully lot of money can be made more easily and smartly out of history than out of cheap consumerism. If we had preserved our country and our landscape, we would today be much richer, not only in our pockets, but in our hearts too. New York has lost already many landmarks, last but not least due to terrorism. 
So please, let the Penn hotel survive, as a piece of the America which changed the world for the better and that we learned to love and respect.

Yours truly, 

Marco Zanaletti

Via Ticino 88
20081 Abbiategrasso (Milano) 


Thank you Marco, let us hope your letter does not fall on deaf ears.