Wednesday, May 19, 2010

15 Penn Plaza

The City council are a bunch of narrow minded money hungry SOB's.  They only give a shit about what they think is best for them and not what the community thinks.  I brought up the finical instability of Vornado, and the "Hole in the Ground" that is Filenes basement in Boston, and the almost $500 million in loans that Vornado has defaulted on in the past few months.  Doesn't matter to them, they are only interested in rolling the HP into the Moynihan station and west side development projects with MSG and getting paid off on it.  Never mind that it will take 4 1/2 years to build (if they build at all) and all the environmental hazards that a project of this size comes with (noise and air pollution and ground transportation) nope, none of that matters to them, if they feel the FAR is worth the opening of the Gimbels passageway then so be it they will get the approval to build.

Bottom line this project is going to get approved one way or another.  So with that I say thanks to all who DIDN'T SHOW UP to help.