Friday, January 22, 2010

List of Famous People That Stayed at the Hotel Penn

Got a list of famous people that stayed at the Hotel Penn? List them here. Below is our list so far.

Alan Greenspan

The age of turbulence: adventures in a new world
By Alan Greenspan pg 23

Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin and his times
By Kenneth Schuyler Lynn pg 422

Tramp: the life of Charlie Chaplin
By Joyce Milton pg 403

Glenn Miller

Glenn Miller and his orchestra
By George Thomas Simon pg 33

Swingin' the dream: big band jazz and the rebirth of American culture
By Lewis A. Erenberg pg 147

The tombstone tourist: musicians
By Scott Stanton pg 170

The age of turbulence: adventures in a new world
By Alan Greenspan pg 23

Tommy Dorsey

Billboard Oct 10, 1942 (Tommy Dorsey) pg 20

The Architectural review, Volume 8 pg xii

Calvin Collage

General report. by Stevenson Society of America, Inc.
pg 16 Letter signed by Calvin Collage

Amherst graduates' quarterly, Volume 10
By Amherst College. Alumni Council pg 110

Franklin D Roosevelt

By Music Educators National Conference (U.S.) 1936 pg 425
(Mrs. Roosevelt)

F.D.R., columnist: the uncollected columns of Franklin D. Roosevelt - Page 10

The publishers weekly, Volume 133
By R.R. Bowker Company, Publishers' Board of Trade (U.S.), Book Trade Association of Philadelphia, Am. Book Trade Association, American Book
Trade Union - Page 1679 (Mrs. Rosevelt)

Tommy Dorsey: Livin' in a Great Big Way
By Peter J. Levinson Pg 91 (FDR, JR.)

Saturday review of literature, Volume 17 - 1937 pg 21 (Mrs. FDR)

Year book, Volume 40
By National Probation Association (U.S.) 1931 pg 271

Benny Goodman

How to lie about your age
By Sona Holman, Lillian Friedman Pg 94

George Bush

City planning, Volumes 1-2
By American Institute of Planners Pg 62