Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Christine Quinn

We received a phone call from the Office of the City Council Speaker Christine Quinn's Liaison, Jose Conde.  Apparently to my surprise, there are several steps in getting the Hotel Pennsylvania re-zoned.  A process known as ULURP, (The Uniform Land Use Review Procedure).  There are many steps in this process the first of which is preparing an EIP (Environmental Impact Study).  Then it has to go to the Borough President, then to the City Planner, and then on to City Council.  Each of these steps has a certain time limit imposed on them before they must be completed.  Right now as stated, it is only in the EIP stage, and has a long way before it gets to the City Council.

The actual steps involved can be found here:

All in all I would say this is good news!  Mr. Conde will keep us posted of any changes.